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Things to know about Oshkosh Corp.'s HQ search at Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course

OSHKOSH – You've likely heard by now: Oshkosh Corp. wants to build a headquarters somewhere, and that could be at Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course in Oshkosh.

But you're also busy. And this story is moving fast.

A debate has cropped up around the issue, too. Some argue the city could sell Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course to make way for a new headquarters there. Others contend that the city shouldn't disturb the century-old public property.

So, here's a rundown of some key points in the swirling debate, based on prior coverage.

1. New HQ search

Here's what's happening: Oshkosh Corp. is looking to build a new headquarters somewhere.

And some folks at the city of Oshkosh want the company to build its headquarters at Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course, a city-owned chunk of riverfront land that has been a golf course for decades.

When USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin first broke the news in May that the company was considering Lakeshore, two sides quickly formed — those who think the golf course is a good site for the company and those who don't.

Mainly, a collection of leaders in business, education and local government have come out in favor of selling the course. The city's public-private economic development group, the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corp., in an opinion column was among the first to publicly support the development of the course.

Since then, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Chancellor Andrew Leavitt and others have supported the plan. They argue, in part, that selling and developing the course could keep Oshkosh Corp. here for years to come and could help maximize an underused chunk of land. GO-EDC and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce also issued a joint statement Monday in support of such a sale.

Opponents, meanwhile, say the plan could trample on the legacy of the course and could amount to a corporate handout. There's no scientific tally of where the citizens of Oshkosh stand on this, and it's likely too late to hold a voter referendum on the issue, with a decision expected before the spring election.

The Oshkosh Common Council is slated to get an update during its Tuesday meeting on where things are at with the company's efforts to study the feasibility of the site.



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