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Letter details why Oshkosh has its eye on Lakeshore

Oshkosh wants a WOW.

That’s the message that the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corp. has delivered to City Hall in a letter describing the factors that are driving Oshkosh Corp. in its site selection process for a new headquarters.

The letter specifies four issues for the company:

  • LOCATION. Oshkosh wants a “WOW” location that would have high visibility, easy highway access and the capability to support a “state of the art campus with all the newest amenities and technology.”

  • URGENCY. The company is currently doing well financially, but it is now operating out of nearly 40 buildings across the area. “The company is out of space, the buildings do not reflect their ‘people first’ culture and [current sites]do not represent an efficient or effective way to work,” the letter states.

  • WORKFORCE. The company, which has operations in five states and multiple overseas locations, is concerned about attracting and retaining talent to a small community like Oshkosh. Metro areas like Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis offer larger talent pools, according to the letter. “Caterpillar is one such example of a company that relocated to a larger talent base,” a reference to the decision earlier this year to move the equipment manufacturer’s headquarters from Peoria, Illinois, to suburban Chicago.

  • WELCOME. “The company wants a positive situation for the company and community in relation to their selected location and for this to be a mutually supportive partnership,” the letter says. Another aspect of welcoming is tied to workforce recruitment. “The community needs to be welcoming to a diverse talent group from all over the world, needs to support the company’s mission and purpose, and be the type of community where employees are encouraged to be involved and make an impact.”

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