• Joshua Tyner

Oshkosh Corp Headquarters Criteria

Over the past several weeks our community’s residents have discussed the merits about whether to sell a portion of Lakeshore property for Oshkosh Corporation’s new corporate global headquarters. I promised earlier that I would do my best to get you information as quickly as possible, which I understand is never quickly enough. Nevertheless, I wanted to provide what I can about the search. Some people have suggested that one site was offered to Oshkosh Corporation. That one site being Lakeshore. I want to clarify that Greater Oshkosh EDC presented a list of nearly 20 properties to Oshkosh Corporation during this process. I personally started discussions with Oshkosh Corporation’s real estate team while the Oshkosh Arena project was in motion. More recently, however, the search has intensified and the number of short list sites has winnowed. We invested a great amount of time on downtown-related sites as we were learning more about the company’s criteria for a new corporate office location, but those sites do not sufficiently meet all the company’s established criteria. First, we need to keep in mind that Oshkosh Corporation is a "Global" corporation, and not just an Oshkosh Defense company. There is a reason it is called Oshkosh

Corporation and not Oshkosh Truck. They have significant domestic operations in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and Wisconsin along with International operations in Europe, China, Australia, and Mexico. This decision they are making is with a global lens. Therefore, it’s important to explain Oshkosh Corporation’s criteria for selecting a community as well as the site in their eventual chosen community. I want to take a moment to describe those criteria.

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