• Joshua Tyner

Letter: We can't let Oshkosh Corp. 'get away'

I write my first-ever letter to the editor because I am passionate about the community that has given so much to me — Oshkosh.

We are being asked a simple question — Do we support Oshkosh Corp.? The answer will have an irreversible and dramatic effect for generations of residents. So, we are now offered the opportunity to take a leadership role in the future of the place we call home.

Leadership is an interesting phenomenon — I find leadership difficult to define, but very easy to recognize when you are in the midst of it. Many times, it stems from an ability to look past the idea of what is best for oneself and have the foresight to look at the bigger picture. I encourage all of you to look at this issue from all points of view before casting your final vote.

This is why I support Oshkosh Corp.:

  • We just experienced the 100th anniversary of Oshkosh Corp. The attendance at the parade was a great testament to the history we share.

  • The economic impact of losing Oshkosh Corp. would be devastating.

  • The proposed campus gives Oshkosh an identity and will send a powerful message of stability to those who view it as they cross the Butte des Morts Bridge.

  • Oshkosh Corp. has a proven track record of giving back to our community.

  • During the process of being awarded the JLTV contract, Oshkosh Corp. demonstrated the core values that we possess as a community.

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