• Joshua Tyner

Lakeshore Municipal is unfair to other golf courses

Why is the city of Oshkosh in the golf business? There is no shortage of golfing opportunities in the area. In fact, most golf courses are struggling to survive as the number of golfers locally and nationwide stagnates or decreases. It's hard enough for a privately-owned golf course to survive today but now factor in that Lakeshore enjoys a huge unfair advantage over other area courses because they don't have to pay property tax. Private courses get no tax breaks like city-owned or agricultural lands do. Taxes take a big bite out of non-municipal owned courses. But not Lakeshore. It enjoys some of the region's most valuable land yet doesn't pay a dime in property taxes.

Now assume the city sold the land to a private owner. Once developed the former course would add tens of millions of dollars in property value to the tax roll. For the city not to sell off this property is an outrage and is irresponsible.

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