• Joshua Tyner

Sell Oshkosh's Lakeshore Golf Course: Good for all outweighs good for a few

I appreciate the affection many have for Lakeshore Golf Course but keeping Oshkosh Corp. headquarters benefits all of us. This is a situation where the good for all of us outweighs the good for a very few of us.

In addition to the jobs and the tax revenue for our community, having Oshkosh Corp. right by Interstate 41 will make a statement that our community is home to a Fortune 500 company. This will potentially draw more companies and high-paying jobs to our community. Oshkosh Corp. has been a good community member by supporting local charities like Oshkosh Area United Way.

We will gain accessible green space because now only golfers can access this green space.

The city competes unfairly with the private sector by supporting Lakeshore. The city paid for capital improvements in early 2000s at a cost of $1.4 million which, to date, have been paid for with our tax dollars. Private courses, like Westhaven, have to charge green fees that cover all of their costs while Lakeshore does not.

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